Puppy Imminent

Well, if all goes well, I’ll be picking this little guy up from the shelter on Wednesday and bringing him home.


At the moment he’s just referred to as “Little Dude,” because, being a Californian, I call everyone “dude” and they needed a name to put on the file–all he had was a number–and since I’d already called him “dude” the shelter folks also called him “dude.” I said we could call him “Lebowski” instead, but the lady behind the counter said she couldn’t spell Lebowski. So… until he’s here, I guess he’s… “Little Dude.”


He was born in a foster home when his pregnant mom–black lab or lab mix–was found on the street (daddy was a fence-jumper.) They kept her until the puppies were weaned this weekend, but her owner did actually turn up to reclaim her. He just couldn’t afford to take on the five puppies (four female and the one male) as well. I happened to be in the shelter this morning asking about another dog and saw the pups. So I asked and the clerk said they’d only just brought them in a couple of hours earlier. If I wanted one, I’d better speak up now, because they were so cute. So I asked to hold the male puppy and before I knew it… I was saying “I guess I’m taking him home.” And Bella had better like him or there will be words, because one doesn’t return family members to the pound.


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18 Responses to Puppy Imminent

  1. Dana Fredsti says:

    I already adored you… but now it’s a deep and total committed love. 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable.

  3. Colleen H. says:

    Awww! SO cute! I grew up with a Black Lab named Shadow. He was a great companion. Here’s hoping Bella and “Little Dude” get along swimmingly! Best of luck!

  4. Miss Bliss says:

    LITTLE DUDE!! He’s all the adorable.

  5. Crystal Hurt says:

    awe! We have a black lab and adore her!

  6. Katherine Myers-Grew says:

    Yay! Super excited for you! Puppies are the best!

  7. I second Dana’s comment! And a puppy should be easier (on Bella).

  8. So cute!! “Little Dude” is awesome! 🙂 Congrats on the new addition.

  9. Invisigoth says:

  10. Karen says:

    Black lab mixes are the BEST! They usually don’t have all the lovely problems purebred labs can have, but the personality usually shines through. Congratulations to all of you.

  11. Cyndy Otty says:

    I think WP.com just ate my comment. Sorry if you get a repeat. 😦

    Anyway, yay for you guys and I think Bella will be ecstatic to have a companion around to romp with in her backyard even if it takes a bit for her to warm up because, you know, PUPPY! He is an adorable “little dude,” too.

    By the by, Uschi is super jealous; she’s wanted a puppy for just about ever. (It’ll happen one of these days.)

  12. I must admit to being a little unsure about how to manage the puppy break-in and house training, but… I’ll never know until I try.
    Luckily, Mr. Kat will be around on the weekend and evenings to help me.

  13. Cyndy Otty says:

    Well, Mr. Kat being around will be a big help. As to the breaking in and all, it really isn’t so different than Bella’s initial time at home. Except puppies tend to cry in a very not-kind-to-the-ears way.

    Definitely, if you can, get a toy or blanket or something that the pup’s sibs have slept on or played with and have that in his crate (if you choose to use one). It’s a comfort thing.

  14. Thanks Cyndy! I’ll see if I can trade the shelter a new blanket for the one he’s sharing with the sibs. I hadn’t thought of it.

  15. Colleen H. says:

    Potty pads worked great for housebreaking my dog when he was a pup, BUT I didn’t have another dog. He rarely used them during the day except for the first day or two when he was in “need to go” crisis. Within 5-6 days he was completely housebroken and letting us know when he needed to go outside. Bella’s being there may make the process easier and faster. It’s good that Mr. Kat will be there to help as consistency is key.

    You might want to hang some jingle bells from the door handle to the backyard so you can always here when the pup needs out (assuming Bella won’t mind them). My dog was smart enough to continue that concept after the bells were removed by jiggling the door knob with his nose. I LOL’d when I first went to investigate what that noise was and saw my dog at the door wagging his tail and looking at me expectantly. 😀

  16. Colleen H. says:

    ” . . .*hear* when the pup . . .” stupid typo. 😛

  17. shayewalsh says:

    Hey, I can’t seem to find an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?

  18. There’s a contact form on my website which should be linked on the right sidebar.

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