Why Does It Rain?

Bella does not care for this “water from the sky thing” so she’s decided to sit on the mat and tell me about it and demand indoor playtime.

Bella on the mat(click photo to see it larger.)


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4 Responses to Why Does It Rain?

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’ve a black lab, and he will jump in the smallest puddle or the largest lake with reckless abandon, but that water from the sky stuff is black magic and unnatural and he won’t have any of it.

  2. Sharon says:

    Yes, I understand that water from the sky is very evil!! My dogs used to let me know that they were not going out in that stuff. My cats, tell me to simply open the door into summer and warmth. They do not understand that I do not control the weather. (Wish I did)

  3. redharparts says:

    Ha! The dog I had many years ago would ask to go out, then take one look at the rain from the porch and try to come back in. Since the reason she asked to go out was to toilet, I made her go out but she would step only a foot away from the porch and then scurry back in.

  4. Yeah, if Bella could swim she’d be in the ocean or the nearest lake all the time, but when it comes from the sky… no thank you. And she does the scamper out, “go” and scamper back. Then she wants to play and is really unhappy with me about this water situation….

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