Point No Point

So, Mr.Kat and Bella and I moved to Northern Kitsap county in May and I’ve been pretty busy with house and yard and dog and manuscripts, but we did manage to take a little trip to see the local lighthouse. A few years ago the lighthouse at Point No Point in Hansville was deemed “surplus” by the US Coast Guard and given to Kitsap County for a county park, although it does still have active beacon, light, fog horn, and NOAA and Coast Guard weather and navigation equipment. So it’s still a working lighthouse for navigation and weather purposes–and it’s considered the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound (although the original structure is long gone.) It’s also kind of nifty since it’s a tiny little building that sits on a spit of land only a few feet above high-tide. Most lighthouses sit up a bit more and look more majestic. Still… Bella thought it was quite nice.
Bella at Point No Point Lighthouse.
Learn more about the Point No Point Lighthouse.


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7 Responses to Point No Point

  1. Rae says:

    Psst Bella is looking in the wrong direction.

  2. She’s actually looking at the gift shop.

  3. Jennifer says:

    She’s a cutie! Beautiful view

  4. redharparts says:

    Nice photo. Lucky, you, to live on the Kitsap! Now I understand the big yard and all that brush you cleared. That’s a funny, stubby little lighthouse….even shorter than the one at Mukilteo.

  5. Miss Bliss says:

    Bella is thinking, “I wonder if they have a Lighthouse themed collar in there for me?”

  6. It is a very stubby lighthouse, but it’s in one of the most dangerous parts of the strait, so it’s an important marker, even though a lot of its original function is now taken up by a bouy. It’s quite cute inside, too–everything seems to be in miniature.

    They don’t have a collar, but they did have dog treats….

  7. Rae says:

    That explains it then. I thought she might be doing her Admiral Nelson bit – I see no lighthouses ( to paraphrase).

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