File Cabinet Saga, part 1

Yesterday I finally acquired a file cabinet.
It’s elderly, but made of actual wood! It does need a little bit of work on the sliders and some oil and wax here and there before I can store my files in it, but it’s nicely made of solid oak and cabinet-quality oak plywood. It has a Washington State property stamp inside that reads “W.C.E 7th GR”. (I feel just like Harper with her old wooden file cabinets!) Luckily for me, Bella has no interest in eating the file cabinet.


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2 Responses to File Cabinet Saga, part 1

  1. Aimee says:

    I love your file cabinet. Wood has so much more personality than plain metal. Why are the handles mounted vertically? Bella is looking good! How’s she liking her yard?

  2. I’m not sure what the thinking was, but older cabinets seem to have them vertically as often as horizontally. The horizontal placement became standard when manufacturers started adding thumb locks, which work best horizontally. Now it’s rare to find a file cabinet with a vertical handle. Because I have a slight twist in my right arm from a bad break as a kid, vertical is easier for me, so this is very nice from my POV.

    Bella loves her yard, but she really wants a buddy to hang out with. We’re working on it….

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