It’s officially on shelves today! Hurray!


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6 Responses to Possession

  1. Colleen H. says:

    Barnes & Noble delivered my copy yesterday, so YAY! 🙂

    I miss Harper, Chaos & Quinton, but I need to finish the book I started the other day. I definitely am looking forward to reading something thrilling & mysterious verses something that makes me sob my eyes out (Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane series — great books, just very sad).

  2. Aimee says:

    I’ve already bought the Kindle version but will Possession be available as an audio book on Audible?

  3. It should already be up.

  4. redharparts says:

    I’ve decided to get my e-books at Independent sellers via the Kobo Reader for iPad/iPod Touch. Yours and other mysteries and detective books I get from Seattle Mystery bookstore’s link to Kobo. As I just wrote, bought and downloaded at 00:15 today!

  5. I hope it measures up to your expectations, Colleen. Thanks for reading; it makes me smile.

  6. I love that! Thanks for supporting the Indie bookstores!

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