My Own Personal Grey

Coming Along


The posts went up for the fence today and we’ll get the rest of the cement pour done tomorrow, so there may be an enclosed, secure yard for Bella to romp in within a week. It’s taken a lot to get to this stage, including a lot of me scrambling about in the bushes, clearing weeds and tearing out the old dog run as well as lopping intrusive tree limbs and tearing out undergrowth that resisted with thorn and sink hole.

And the dog met her new vet and got her shots. Now she is exhausted from the anxiety and barking at the fencing contractors all morning, so she’s sleeping in the corner of my office. She’s officially fat, but I love her anyway. Even when she snores.

I managed to cook a fairly decent steak with cognac/blue cheese reduction by messing with Alton Brown’s instructions only a little bit (I don’t own a cast iron skillet, so I had to fake it with a stainless stell one and a broiling pan.)

And I put in a little over 1,000 words on the SF/political thriller I’m hoping my agent, Sally, can persuade someone to buy eventually. That takes the word count on this project over 12,000. I’m hoping I can finish it up and that it doesn’t suck before I get too close to the “you must start now!” date for Greywalker #9–which, incidentally, now has a title: Revenant.

So I’ll need to be working on Revenant full time by mid-September to make the year-end deadline. I’ve already started on it and have a short pitch synopsis done and about 3,700 words. So far it’s odd and rambling, but I have some ideas… including a dragon built of bones and nightmare and a whole lot of Carlos being creepy.

I keep trying to do more, but the need to get the house and yard into acceptable condition before the season turns wet and cold keeps taking over my brain. It’s amazing how much trouble, expense, and time it takes to get a household running after living with nothing for so long. I still haven’t updated my driver’s license. I hope they don’t come for me…. I have two books to write this year!