My Own Personal Grey

Home at the Library


OK, so… the house has a small, formal living room (13’x11′–is that actually small? or does it just seem that way in person?) and we didn’t know what to do with it. We’re not the formal entertaining type so the room was a head-scratcher for us. The previous owners used it as a living/music room and had a console piano and some other instruments in it along with a love seat and a small secretary desk with a delicate little chair. Clearly not a practical idea for us. We put our first bookshelves in it and suddenly it was “the Library.”

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My first purchase (on the cheap) for the house was an old library table, which we were using as a dining table, but that’s not a great use for it since it has a “butterfly leaf” in it that was a little shaky to use all the time, while the table without the leaf is really too small (22″x48″) for two people to eat at comfortably unless the diners sit offset from each other, or sit at the narrow ends as if they’re occupying some kind of Grand Dining Table that’s shrunk to Lilliputian proportions on top while maintaining it’s orignal height. So, today a dining table and chairs arrived and I had to move the library table into… the Library! So now it’s really starting to look like a library.

Still working on the book problem and Mr. Kat has left his tools sitting on the shelves so we can secure them to wall eventually. Puget Sound is earthquake country, after all. Not to mention the volcanoes. Trying to decide if I should move all the signed books down here or hoard them in my office…. Mwahahahaha….

Bella is not sure about all this furniture taking up her romping space however and seems to want to know why she can’t continue to run around without this stuff in her way.

“Why, Mommy? Why?”

But no worries: Bella has a whole big yard to hang out in and today was sunny for the first time in a while, so she took full advantage of that.

Life is good when you’re a dog and the sun is shining in your very own yard…

…even if some people do insist on putting furniture in the way indoors.

(Yes, Bella is on a tie-down here because the fence is still incomplete and we don’t want her to wander off or annoy the neighbors–or run off down the road and jump in front of a car, because she is that clueless. When the fence is complete, she’ll be allowed to roam freely, but not before!)