The Path Less Overgrown

Because a lot of you asked for photos….
This is the path I cleared over the holiday:

Sadly, we’re still a long way from done here:

And a long way from… well a lot of things…
(This is actually an abandoned housing development nearby.)
Even the Scotch Broom is a bit… odd here:

It may be the edge of nowhere, but even the plants aren’t the giving-up sort:


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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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10 Responses to The Path Less Overgrown

  1. Cyndy Otty says:

    Looks like a lovely property, Kat. I love the pathway!

  2. Auntie Mary Connelly says:

    Kat …thanks for sharing all the pics….love the job you’ve done on the path…. your new home looks beautiful ….so very happy for you. You’ll have to send me your new address so I can put it in my little black book.

  3. lovely walkway. Looks like a big job! I think it is nice to be a little out of the way from others. I will be emailing you about your new author address too!

  4. Vickie says:

    So wonderful that you, Mr. Kat and Bella have such a beautiful space. Glad you finally found a place to call home. I can see Bella scampering around! Blessings to the Kat family.

  5. TheMariaLima says:

    Pretty!! The cleared path reminds me a lot of a nature trail my family & I took on Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, BC.

  6. Sharon: I seem to keep losing your emails! I don’t know why. If you have already sent the email, send it again, please.

    Auntie Mary: I have to go find your contact info again–I’m very disorganized at the moment.

  7. Rae says:

    Wow! What a property. Such a change from the boat. It is going to keep you busy for a while.

  8. redharparts says:

    Looks like you are quite a ways out from the city and it looks wonderful! I feel your pain…. I have to regularly hack back the blackberries and weeds that try to take over my yards!

  9. Aimee says:

    What a beautiful place! Bella must think she’s died and gone to heaven to have so much room to run around. I’ll bet there are all kinds of interesting animal smells for her too!

  10. The smells are amazing even to someone with a dull nose like mine. Bella’s completely enthralled with sniffing.

    We don’t seem to have a lot of blackberries but we do have salmon berries, wild apples (which are nearly inedible being so small, hard, and sour), and bears. Or so I’m told. Last year, the fire department in town (all 2 square blocks of it) apparently had to rescue some cubs who’d gotten up a tree in downtown, and remove them from the area before Momma and Papa Bear took umbrage with the two-legs harassing their kids. But the real predator in the area is the coyote. I found a headless rabbit corpse in the tree line last week–or rather… Bella found it…. Ewwww!

    Today’s strange corpse was a very small mole found in the middle of a woodland access road. We were thinking the dirt mounds that showed up in our garden were made by gophers, but it seems they are actually mole holes. The moles are about the size of my hand. This makes me quite sad, as I think moles are rather cool animals and I don’t look forward to having to run them off the property since the usual methods of mole eradication are either poison (not an option with Miss Nosy Bella around) and lethal underground traps. I’m hoping the presence of the dog will discourage them once we have the fence up so Bella can run around the yard freely and dig until the moles decide to relocate. And then I’ll have to fill in the holes and plant new grass, but I would have to do that anyway.

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