My Own Personal Grey

Must Be Home…


Because I managed to get the kitchen unpacked and stocked up enough to cook dinner!

Of course there weren’t enough chairs so Mr, Kat knelt on the floor (his idea not mine), I slightly overcooked the garlic, and we didn’t eat until 9 p.m., but hey, I hadn’t even tried this dish (chicken piccata) in 6 or 7 years, much less managed to make it edible. It was actually tender enough to cut with a fork and tasted pretty good (a touch too much flour in the dredge I think…). Now the dishwasher–which is not named Mr. Kat for the first time in 20 years–is cleaning up and I am having a glass of wine.


Also, our bed was delivered and set up today and Mr. Kat made it up with clean sheets I washed in my very own washer and dried in my very own dryer! Luxury! Now we just need to get the rest of the bookshelves put together, find a few more chairs, tables, and lamps and we’re set! (well, we still have no beds for guests unless they will settle for air mattresses on the floor.)

Hokey Smoke! I’m a homeowner!

(Incidentally the dining room table is an old library table with a “butterfly” leaf that folds out of the middle. It’s cute, but not very large.)

Now if I can just get a few more things done on the business front, I may be able to get back to work. Have to write two books before the end of the year, so I’d better get cracking!