Bella Versus the Sweet Potato

I have been pretty busy lately with the revision, proposal, proofing, looking for a house, and dealing with a neighbor who has a grudge against my dog. But that hasn’t dampened Bella’s fun any. And here she is, trying to extract a slice of dried yam from her Jolly Ball. She’s so silly….


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6 Responses to Bella Versus the Sweet Potato

  1. OMG, that was hilarious. I thought she was going to give up there for a moment!

  2. Aimee says:

    I tried to feed my Benny a VeggieLife sweet potato treat and he took it carefully in his mouth (because he’s a polite pibble) and then spit it out and gave me disgusted look!

  3. Bella is awesome, how is she doing?

  4. She subscribes to the “Never give up! Never surrender!” school of play.

  5. Bella seems to love them and I don’t really know why, but I’ll be happy to feed her veggies is she wants them–she’d be the size of a house if she got all the treats she wants.

  6. She’s a little down at the moment–doesn’t like the lingering bad weather, or that I’m still spending more of my day with the computer than with her. And she is stressed by the house-hunting business, but for the most part, she’s content and in good health. I think she knows I love her madly.

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