Oh… dog….

Just to be contrary, after a week of causing strife, Bella-dogga was perfect today right in front of people who think she’s “uncontrollable.” She sat perfectly still while they farted around in the gateway and then tried to “intervene” when the fat little neighborhood pug got too close to her. “Oh, don’t worry,” pug-owner said, “she won’t go near him–it’s no problem.” And although Bella twitched, she didn’t lunge, bark, posture, or stare. She just sat until the pug was gone, then she walked through the gate like a lady and down the ramp like the best behaved-dog in the world. It was almost funny, and rather ironic. Naturally, she waits to display her “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” behavior until she’s in deep kimchee with everyone, of course.

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6 Responses to Oh… dog….

  1. Dana Fredsti says:

    Bella is not a stupid dog… and that expression on her face… priceless!

  2. Lesley Keech says:

    Smug dog is smug 🙂 Bless her *sends belly rubs*

  3. I’m glad Bella got the last laugh on them. Hah! Now if you’d just behaved like this SOONER, young lady. Of course there’s no compensating for people who are jerks. No matter WHAT she did, these meanies wouldn’t like her. So sick of Staffordshire stereotyping.

  4. Aw, thank you. Bella says thanks for belly rubs, too.

  5. I have my suspicions about the complainant and if they are true, the problem is actually that she walks her dog off leash in a public place and Bella hates her dog for ambushing her once. But it’s my fault, of course….

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