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Bella loves a belly rub! Advertisements

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I Got You, Babble

I hit the 3K word goal for the day with only 14 outline points yet to go (takes me about one day per point.) Set to do the seance scene next…. Current total word count on the WIP: 67,393. Thinking … Continue reading

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Bella loves her “daddy” so much she wants to wrestle him to the couch and roll all over him. See: (as always, click on images for larger view.) But Daddy wins, since Bella is a sucker for petting. See dog … Continue reading

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Monday, You Suck

My Monday started with a bang. Literally. (Click image for larger version.) I was loading the sheets into the truck to take to the laundry when the struts on the hatch failed and it dropped on my head. So I … Continue reading

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Plaid Towelmonster

I missed some Daily Dogs this week because I’ve been busy with the Work In Progress while Mr. Kat’s been out of town for the funeral. So here’s a Sunday Dog for you. Yes, it’s cold and raining here in … Continue reading

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Stalking the Wordcount Goal….

Not quite the word count I made yesterday, but it’s within the goal I’d set of 2-3K per day and it took less time and cost less angst: 2,744 new words today for a manuscript total of 58,759. A little … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing (again): Possession–Greywalker #8

So, the wonderful Dana Cameron tagged me for The Next Big Thing. I met Dana in person at Bouchercon a few years ago when we were sitting on a panel for the then-new Wolfsbane and Mistletoe Anthology. Since then I’ve … Continue reading

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The Allure of Snoozing

This is how I feel today. Bella beat me to it:

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Dog in Hatz

Bella sayz, “Do you like my brand new hat?” “I made it myself.” “You do not like my hat? How ’bout this one? Bella-patra, Queen of Denial! (as in ‘I deny I have this stupid thing on my head and … Continue reading

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Monday is Alien to Me

It’s Monday–and what a weird one it is. Still dealing with family business, manuscript-growth, and now an interesting development on the home front as well. So much paperwork, so little time… and yet… things are coming…. Bella thinks it’s aliens. … Continue reading

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This morning my wonderfully curmudgeonly father-in-law, Arthur Carpenter, passed away. He will be much missed.

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