Progress and Antlers

Well, I’m down to the final scene of the WIP and stopping for the day so I can spend all day on it tomorrow. Current total word count is 85,244 words, with 3,353 added today and it looks like the first draft of Possession will wrap at about 90,000 or a touch more. The only things left after this upcoming scene will be the Epilogue and Prologue.

Meanwhile, since I embarrassed Bella and Mr. Kat with photos of them in the antlers, here I am in them (as always, click the image for a larger view):

Bella is jealous of how cute I look.

And I am sooooo gracious about that.

But I’ll always love her this much, no matter what I wear (or how ridiculous I look):

Have a Happy ThingMyth, everyone, and a Joyous New Year.

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  1. Rae says:

    The thrid photo is definately a keeper! I hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

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