The End is Nigh!

One short scene, a set-up and then… the Big Showdown With Ghosts!

Pico meter says:

I wrote 3,470 words today and it went much easier than yesterday's lot. The MS is running a bit light and I can see places in the first half that need a lot of tweaks and fixes, but… this is actually working and it's within spitting distance–or at least it's within less than a week–of being done. I feel relieved and tense at the same time. The big climax is going to be long and complicated to write and then I still need an Epilogue and Prologue to close up the ends, but… damn. I'm nearly done. This will be the shortest first draft of a Greywalker novel ever, though I'm pretty sure it'll bulk up in revisions. I don't yet know how I feel about this book. We'll see on the next round.

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