I Got You, Babble

I hit the 3K word goal for the day with only 14 outline points yet to go (takes me about one day per point.) Set to do the seance scene next…. Current total word count on the WIP: 67,393. Thinking it will round out about 85,000-90,000 instead of 100K, but that’s all right.



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  1. leonawolfe says:

    Great news! Keep it up! 🙂

    Just a quick question, if you don’t mind. How do you do your outline? I’ve tried to do outlines to help with my writing process, but I either get so bored with them and stop halfway, or even less, through or I do one and then the ideas of my book have completely changed and I’d have to create an entire new one. I think it could be a useful and helpful tool, but I don’t seem to have the patience or knack for it. Maybe I just don’t have a good system down, though. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I keep trying to work without one, but it never works out. Basically I make a bullet list of the points I want to include, the scenes, character interactions and thematic points. Then I arrange them in a chronology that makes some kind of logical sense and use that as a rough road map to keep the story on track as I write. I’ve also been known to do this on colored index cards, spread them out all over the floor, and then rearrange them until I like what I see. then I stack them up and go through them as I write.

    Sometimes I end up deleting a point, adding, modifying, or moving a point, but the basic idea is not to be dictated to by the outline, but reminded of the stops I want to make on the road trip from “it started here” to “the end.”

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