Bella loves her “daddy” so much she wants to wrestle him to the couch and roll all over him. See:
headlock 1 (as always, click on images for larger view.)

But Daddy wins, since Bella is a sucker for petting. See dog melt….
headlock 2

And work on the WIP continues apace. Currently at 64,371 and have only 15 of the original 60 outline points yet to write. Looks like I might get Christmas off… maybe. If I continue 3K a day (yipe!) My truck is still at the dealer’s getting new glass and brakes (more yipe!) and I’ve paid my final quarterly taxes for this year (oh, super-yipe!) but at least I’m done. Now to enjoy my work, my hubby, and my dog for the rest of the year with–I hope–no more bad news or unexpected expenses.


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2 Responses to Headlock!

  1. Vickie says:

    Sending you wishes for a drama/bad news free rest of 2012. May the lack of drama/bad news continue into the new year and beyond.

  2. Here’s to no drama! Thank you!

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