Monday, You Suck

My Monday started with a bang. Literally.
(Click image for larger version.)
I was loading the sheets into the truck to take to the laundry when the struts on the hatch failed and it dropped on my head. So I shoved the hatch up with my left hand while loading the sheets and a couple of shirts into the back with my right.

As the hatch reached the stop on the struts, it exploded. Yup. Just shattered. Yeah, I was probably exerting more force than was necessary because I was annoyed, but… wow! There’s dark safety glass all over the place.

I was able to clean most of the glass out of the trunk space, but the parking lot has a good load of it for 3 car spaces side to side–almost impossible to tell from the asphalt. Luckily it was laminated safety glass so the chunks are large and mostly not too sharp. I was able to get the truck out of the space by backing out very slowly so the glass didn’t scatter or upend. I got some cuts on my left hand, but that’s all. The marina maintenance people said they’ll come clean up the glass for me–for which I’m grateful.

And the car is now at the dealer’s where it will stay for a day or two until they can get new glass and remount all the bits and bobs that were on it–including the alarm sensor, the hinges, the struts, the wiper, and the lock. Luckily none of these parts were lost, but it’s going to be pricey. So much for fancy ThingMyth gifts this year. Oh well, I was just going to stay home and work anyway.


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12 Responses to Monday, You Suck

  1. whoa! lucky you didn’t have Bella with you. That might have freaked her out. We had to replace 60% of all the plumbing in the house last week… good times.

  2. Damiana says:

    Yipes! I’m glad you’re okay. Take care of those cuts–you need that hand!

  3. R. K. MacPherson says:

    Ouch! Also, holy shit!

    On the plus side, you can now inform…whomever…that your hands shattered a hatch. Think what they’ll do if the dishes don’t get done…

  4. Colleen (MizBehavin1) says:

    Crikey! I guess that’s one way to see out 2012 with a bang! Glad that you came out of that adventure with only minor injuries and a hellavalot of frustration. Also really glad Bella wasn’t there. Now, stop channeling Jamie Sommers and stick to writing. 😉

  5. hehehe…. I am also very grateful not to have had Bella along. Poor girl would have freaked out all over the place and I’m not sure she wouldn’t have gotten hurt as a result. Luckily, I’d decided it was just a quick trip…. ha ha ha….

  6. Rachel-G says:

    In Massachusetts your car insurance sometimes covers glass stuff 100% with no deductible. Here in VA, we have to pay our deductible and then insurance kicks in…
    Any chance your car insurance may help out?

  7. Cherie Lyon says:

    Ouch. Glad it wasn’t worse (I wonder if that have happened to Harper…?).

  8. No insurance coverage for this sort of thing on my plan. 😦

  9. Heck Harper lost the whole truck to someone’s/something’s bad temper once….

  10. Aimee says:

    Ever since the door repeatedly fell off my Dodge, I don’t buy American anymore. That’s a sorry thing to have to admit being a Michigander!

  11. Strangely, I’ve never had trouble with the Fords, only the Dodges and Chryslers. But I’m usually a research junkie and buy based on the specific item, not the brand. My previous two cars were Toyotas. The one I didn’t vet first was a pig. The other was a gem that kept on going for over a quarter-million miles.

  12. gerard says:

    It hurts, man.

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