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Today Was Good

I added more than 1800 new words to the manuscript in addition to returning and remodling a segment of more than 2000 words from the first version. Total words added to the manuscript: 3,836. Total wordcount for the current manuscript … Continue reading

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Dog Sweater

I know I’ve been bad about the Daily Dog, lately. What can I say? I’m kind of busy with this deadline thing and some holiday stuff… Looks like this may be the first “family Thanksgiving” in many years, so I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Piddling!

While I was in Toronto, my friends Ken and Ana took me out for some very nice French food at Auberge du Pommier. At the end of the meal, Ana and I went searching for the washroom and had some … Continue reading

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New Covers!

I’ve got a bunch of new covers to show you guys! (as always, click on the images to see larger sizes.) First the cover for the Murder and Mayhem in Muskego anthology which will be for sale at the event … Continue reading

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Been in airports or planes since 1 pm Eastern time. Finally home, but no word count or daily dog today. Keyboard is also acting up: right side shift key not working; spare has non-functional letter U. feh

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Time for Daily Dog! Bella has a stick…

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Look what got posted today: (click image for full size) And look whose name made it to the cover between Jay Lake and K. W. Jeter! Oh. My. DoG! I’m so excited I could die! US release is June 4 … Continue reading

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More Autumn Leaves

I’m still in Toronto for a another couple of days, so here’s another Daily Dog from October. Bella investigates Fall foliage near the locks:

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Quality Above Price

“Quality matters more than ever.”– M.J. Rose on e-book pricing and writing from “Are eBooks Too Cheap” at the Huffington Post. Now that we’ve survived the initial euphoric rush of the new market, we come back to the essentials: you … Continue reading

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Daily Dog is another Ballard Locks pic. Bella in front of the Waves sculpture. And I’m still at World Fantasy in Toronto. No wordcount yet today but did get up early enough to attend the SFWA meeting. I grow closer … Continue reading

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Bella on the Steps

Today’s Daily Dog while I’m still in Toronto is from October: Bella on the steps of the US Army Corps of Engineers office at the Ballard Locks: Meanwhile I’m still getting some work done, but it’s still a bit less … Continue reading

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Leaves are Falling on the Dog

Even though it’s after midnight in Toronto–where I am–I’m going to call this the Daily Dog of November 1, because it’s still that date at home in Seattle. Here’s a picture of Bella from a week or so ago, during … Continue reading

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