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Thanksgiving 2012

Thankful. Yes. Thankful for the family–that loves me, even as wide-spread and crazy as we all are. Thankful for the friends–who join in the shenanigans or shake their heads in mock-despair, yet keep on asking me back to dinners and … Continue reading

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Like Water for Dogs

Bella found a “waterfall” this morning along the bike trail. Me, I say it’s a drainage culvert, but what do I know? Apparently, it’s delicious. So remember Bella this Thanksgiving, and drink a lot of water (or whatever.) It’s good … Continue reading

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Black Friday Shilling….

In honor of all the Black Friday shopping I won’t be doing, but hope you will… I give you Hyperbole and a Half (I love her cartoon/blog): Yes, buy books, support authors, support local book shops, support literacy, support your … Continue reading

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Still Slogging Onward

Not quite what I wanted but better than the minimum. Today’s word count on Possession was 2,635–just 265 words short of the goal of 3K. Total is now at 29,371. Still in the ballpark to make it to 50K by … Continue reading

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Yup, still raining here in Seattle. Bella prefers to attack her towels after coming inside rather than be dried off with them. Sometimes she just lurks, lying in wait for the next unsuspecting terry cloth….

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Of a sort. Distracted by rain, Locus lists, dogs, and errands, but still managed to crank through 2,769 words today on Possession. So here’s the picometer reading: I can make it to 50K by the end of the month if … Continue reading

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Thanks to You Guys

Apparently my book made it to #3 on the Locus Hardcover Bestseller list for November. And in amazing company: George R. R. Martin, Terry Brooks, my friend Jim Hines, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, Richard Kadrey, Kelly Armstrong, Laurel K. … Continue reading

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Is It the Bee’s Knees?

Well, it’s Seattle and it’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally it is, as a relative of mine used to say, “raining like stink.” It’s so unremittingly wet that even Bella is willing to wear a raincoat. Yes, a Rain Coat! (Though … Continue reading

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Missed it….

I missed my goal and missed putting up a Daily Dog yesterday because the fabulous Cherie Priest was back in town. And the audience was rapt: And today, Bella wants to know why everyone isn’t reading Cherie Priest books, because … Continue reading

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Bella Goes Clamming

Bella was digging on the beach a few days ago and unearthed a large clam, which squirted her. Now she is looking for some payback… Too bad, she’s not digging in the right place. Nope, not there either. Sorry Bella. … Continue reading

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Three Things, They Say…

… Make a blog post. So here are my three today: First, the Murder and Mayhem in Muskego anthology can now be purchase via Barnes and Noble and Amazon. So you have no excuse not to get one. For Giftmas! … Continue reading

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Thanks, Scalzi

I’d just like to say that the perspicacity of people like John Scalzi is why I so rarely blog about politics or other issues that may be close to my heart. Mr. Scalzi so frequently manages to say everything I’d … Continue reading

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