My Own Personal Grey

Tripping Toward NaNoWriMo


Today was moderately busy with errands and lunch with a friend, but I did get some words in today–not quite the goal count, but over the minimum required to stay on track. WIP currently stands at 45,193 words total. Need to do 5K more in the next two days to meet the NaNoWriMo count goal which will also put me at halfway through the first draft goal for FiMyDaNo and on track for the deadline of December 31.

The only downside is that December tends to be a month full of parties and get-togethers and I’ll have to skip a lot of those and either miss my deadline–which is not an option–or have to work a lot of long days in December–which is pretty much what always happens. This is not a complaint, it’s just one of those things that goes along with being self-employed in a business that is goal-driven, not hours-driven. Writers must hit the delivery marks, no matter how many hours they have to cram in before the last bell chimes and everyone turns into a pumpkin.

Personally, I look so horrible in orange that I’d best to avoid pumpkinhood. Thus shall I become more hermit-like as the end of the year–and my professional Zero-Hour–draw closer.

On the other hand, I might actually like this book once it’s done….