Carrying On

It’s been a bit tougher than I’d hoped, but I’m still grinding words and still have a chance to make my 50K-word goal by the end of the month. I’ll have to continue to do approximately 3,000 words per day, since I’ll most likely lose Tuesday productivity to taking my Mom out for her birthday to see King Tut. but I currently have 36,608 words on Possession, out of a 100,000 word first draft goal with a December 31st deadline. Today I spent most of the day with the visiting relatives and my mom, but I still managed to wring 3,153 words out tonight. And now I’m giving up for the night to get spend a bit more time with my husband and then get some sleep so I can keep on marching along this road.

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  1. You can do it, and I’m not saying that because your mom bribed me. 😉 I just think you’ll hit a few of those places where it gets so exciting you can’t put your book down even if you want to, and you’ll make up some lost wordcount faster than you expect. That’s my psychic prediction!

  2. I like your psychicness.

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