All’s Well That Ends With Whiskey

Had an excellent Thanksgiving with minimal stress and maximum yumminess. Mom was happily surprised by the attendance of my sister and her husband. Bella also loved them very much, maybe too much since the only bad incident was Bella jolting water all over Bro-in-Law when she tried to jump into his lap and upset his drink. And the taxi that never came. But other than that–magnifico! And Ponti did us proud with dinner, cheap valet parking, and near-perfect staff. (Mom was slightly upset by her leftovers being tossed instead of boxed, but that was remedied with a second small dinner boxed up for her, instead.)

Now, alas, I’m suffering the result of too much alcohol afterward and have a gimpy tummy–but no headache or hangover, so I declare this Thanksgiving feast a win!


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