Of a sort. Distracted by rain, Locus lists, dogs, and errands, but still managed to crank through 2,769 words today on Possession. So here’s the picometer reading:

I can make it to 50K by the end of the month if I can do about 3,000 words a day every day except Thanksgiving and my mom’s birthday, and then I can drop the rate a little, I suspect, and still reach the 90-100K requested. Doable.

And I managed to make myself cry over a scene today. I hope it’s not over-the-top in retrospect, but who knows? You can’t second-guess your writing at this stage, or you never get ahead. And ahead is what I need. So it’ll just stay as it is until the revision when my editor will tell me if it stinks or not.


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3 Responses to Progress…

  1. Susan says:

    If you were crying, I hope it was not over a loss of our main characters……

  2. Oh, no. Something else entirely.

  3. Still makes me a little afraid for what’s to come…

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