Is It the Bee’s Knees?

Well, it’s Seattle and it’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally it is, as a relative of mine used to say, “raining like stink.” It’s so unremittingly wet that even Bella is willing to wear a raincoat. Yes, a Rain Coat! (Though she does reserve the right to bite at it when it comes on and off.) Actually, she quite likes having the raincoat on, since it means she can romp around outdoors longer than she’d be able to stand without it. Being a Pibble, she has very little body fat and a short, “hard” coat with no undercoat or loft to it so she gets cold fast once she’s wet.

Bella's Raincoat So what do you think? Is it the Bee’s Knees? The Cat’s Meow? The Frog’s Pajamas? The… Dog’s Raincoat?


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8 Responses to Is It the Bee’s Knees?

  1. Susan says:

    The Bees Knees……

  2. Raining stink? I’ve heard Run like Stink. You guys are too close to Canada I think

  3. Bart says:

    News flash: Local Harbor Seals and Canadian geese are complaining about the rainy weather. They say; and I quote, “Aww-cmon!!”
    Regards, Bart

  4. Vickie says:

    It’s the best thing since sliced bread! Pibbles rock!

  5. Looks like a cape of some sort or maybe a fancy running suit for Bella.

  6. Rae says:

    The Caped Crusader ….. in pink and orange???

  7. All the cool uniforms were taken…. 😉

  8. Rae says:

    I thought she was going for the Austin Powers/London in the 60’s look.

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