Missed it….

I missed my goal and missed putting up a Daily Dog yesterday because the fabulous Cherie Priest was back in town.

Fab Cherie

The fabulous Cherie Priest reads from Inexplicables at University Bookstore November 15 2012.

And the audience was rapt:

The Girls

Ellen M, Suezie, Nova listen up while Cherie reads.

Steve W and Mark T

Mark Teppo and Steve Winters.

And today, Bella wants to know why everyone isn’t reading Cherie Priest books, because Bella loves Cherie, too.

Look Deep....

“Look deeply into my eyes… you, too, want to own all of Cherie’s books….”

Yes, you do!


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3 Responses to Missed it….

  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Bella loves books

    and all other paper products, small plastic things, any food left on horizontal surfaces at or near dog height, but especially books.

  2. Bart says:

    No Jim, let us be brutally honest. Bella like most dogs is an omnivore. Which in the case of Bella appears to encompass the food groups of items chewable, not to be restricted by food-like properties, healthiness or owners desires. And yes, Cherie Priest is an outstanding writer. I also aver that her books are tasty to me-although not as internalized as the Great and Terrible Bella.
    Regards, Bart

  3. All hail the Hyponobella

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