Bella Goes Clamming

Bella was digging on the beach a few days ago and unearthed a large clam, which squirted her. Now she is looking for some payback…

Too bad, she’s not digging in the right place.

Nope, not there either. Sorry Bella. Next time, catch the clam before it digs back in.


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6 Responses to Bella Goes Clamming

  1. Rae says:


  2. Those clams are devious. Also be glad she is a short hair..

  3. Oh yes, ever grateful for the short fur.

  4. She forgot her clam gun; that’s the problem.

  5. *laugh* Damn, those clams are tough….

  6. those were hilarious! poor Bella, got no satisfaction in the end. Unless you count all the digging and mudding up…

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