Three Things, They Say…

… Make a blog post. So here are my three today:

First, the Murder and Mayhem in Muskego anthology can now be purchase via Barnes and Noble and Amazon. So you have no excuse not to get one. For Giftmas! or whatever.

Second, I am continuing to grind words at a steady rate on Greywalker #8. Today I did a touch over 2,700 words and raised the total count to 22,754. FiMyDaNo (Finish My Damned Novel) continues on track to make deadline.

And this means I can go to Laura Anne Gilman’s launch party for her new book with a clear conscience. Yay! (Go, meerkat!)

And last, the Daily Dog:

While I was in Toronto, my room mate, the gorgeous and talented Sandra Wickham, presented me with a handmade afghan that she had crocheted for Bella. At first Bella wanted to eat it, but we persuaded her it was for snuggling in. (Click images for larger size.)

Afghan shake

Bella shakes her afghan. Apparently she’s not quite sure what “snuggle” really means.

But now that she’s figure it out, Bella loves her “blankie.”

Afghan sleep

Bella is secretly an “Afghan hound.”

Thank you, Sandra.


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5 Responses to Three Things, They Say…

  1. What a sweet pic of Bella on the blankie 🙂

  2. She adores it. She gets into her crate and sleeps on it whenever she has the chance, instead of sleeping on the couch, now.

  3. My dog use to sleep on a pair of folded up comforters he was so absurdly fond of them. When ever i had to put them in the washing machine he would get all depressed but he was ecstatic when they came out of the dryer and were all warm still.

  4. Rae says:

    She is such a cutie.

  5. Bella on her blankie has just won the Cutest Thing of the Month award. D’awwwww….

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