Thanks, Scalzi

I’d just like to say that the perspicacity of people like John Scalzi is why I so rarely blog about politics or other issues that may be close to my heart. Mr. Scalzi so frequently manages to say everything I’d like to have said sooner and more elegantly.

Thanks for this post, John. Now, let’s get on with it, people! Things to do, Books to write.


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2 Responses to Thanks, Scalzi

  1. Sandi says:

    You could do it like Scalzi does. Just rewrite an old classic and don’t bother to credit the real author. Hardly any work at all to that. Nothing is sacred to some people.

  2. If you’re referring to Fuzzy Nation, Scalzi not only gave credit, he got permission from the Piper estate. See this post by Scalzi:

    But my real point with the post was that John is a thoughtful guy who has the knack of crystalizing political and social ideas that just bumble around in my head and putting them into clear, thoughtful terms well before I can–a skill I have great respect for. Of course, the fact that he is 2 hours ahead of me, and doesn’t have to walk the dog for an hour before he gets to sit down and write his blog posts may also be a factor. (Damn you, Scalzi and your rotten Central Time advantage!)

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