Today Was Good

I added more than 1800 new words to the manuscript in addition to returning and remodling a segment of more than 2000 words from the first version. Total words added to the manuscript: 3,836. Total wordcount for the current manuscript (not counting old starts) 20,013. Hoping to make 30K by Sunday so the manuscript won’t fall behind on Thanksgiving.

I know it sounds tight with a deadline of December 31–and it is–but it’s doable, so long as I don’t fall off track again. Now that I have a decent, full-functioning outline, things are flowing better. The hardest thing is, as always, keeping my concentration on the work and not being distracted by things like… dogs whining, boat heaters not working, and rain sneaking in through cracks on little rat-feet.

But I can stop for the day now, and tomorrow should be easier. Yay.


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  1. Susan says:

    Well I for one appreciate all of your work….can not wait for the new Greywalker novel…….

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