Daily Dog is another Ballard Locks pic. Bella in front of the Waves sculpture.

Bella in front of Steel Waves

And I’m still at World Fantasy in Toronto. No wordcount yet today but did get up early enough to attend the SFWA meeting. I grow closer and closer to running for a board seat due to certain frustrations with the industry and a lack of educational support that I think would help writers like me stay on top of both “the business” and the actual work of writing. Although I have a degree in editing, I’m largely self-taught were it comes to the writing of fiction and the running of a creative freelance business. It’s not as easy as it may seem and it changes constantly as the industry and my own skill leve change. I do occasionally teach, but I often feel I’m a bit of a fraud, because what I know is, as I think of it “Kat stuff” and I am never sure how well “Kat stuff” suits or fits others. It’s nice to be asked to pass that stuff on, but I frequently feel I’m probably talking through my hat and I’d like to learn from better teachers than I so I can not only improve what I write, but what I teach.

Anyhow… that is what my sleep-deprived mind is saying to me right now.


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5 Responses to Waves

  1. “I grow closer and closer to running for a board seat…”

    Do it. For the love of the scribe, do it.

  2. To be blunt, I’m waiting for the change of incorporation to be settled so I won’t be challenging another, better qualified candidate for the Regional seat (under the present format). Regional board seats will be converted to “at large” next year so I’m inclined to wait until then.

  3. Bart says:

    I recommend; smile big, get close and grab them by the balls. Once you have their attention, get some changes on the way. Best of luck. Bart

  4. Just wanted to say, I’m in the middle of Seawitch and LOVING IT! So glad to have Harper back and really enjoying the interaction w/ Det. Solis. Great story, great characters. What more can a reader ask for?

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