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Someone’s Been Bad….

She also tore up the rubber door mat. Naughty Bella! Advertisements

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So, my friend Robin MacPherson tagged me with a Work In Progress (WIP) Challenge and although I am not where I’d like to be, here’s the scoop: What is the title of your Work In Progress? Posession (Greywalker #8) Where … Continue reading

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No Dog Today

Today was not a good day. Not the worst, but I didn’t get any work done due to running errands for myself and then taking my mom to Port Townsend and having an interesting time getting back, since the northern … Continue reading

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Look Out! Look Out! Pink Elephants on Parade!

New meds seem to be helping my headache. Yay. Dog whining, however, is not. Perhaps Bella has a problem… she is seeing pink elephants, after all. And biting them. (click for larger images.)

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I’ve Been Watching You Waltz All Night, Diane…

Bella, also, tends to be Sleeping With the Television On: (Click for larger image.) I wish I were (not Homeward Bound however, since I’m at my desk now.) Bouncing barometric pressure as Autumn in Seattle finally asserts itself with rain … Continue reading

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Bella Spies With Her Little Eye… (and some books)

Yesterday we went past the salt marsh on our walk and for some reason, Bella’s interest became quite piqued by this: You’d think she’d never seen ducks before–which she has. For some reason they utterly enthralled her. Today when we … Continue reading

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Roll, roll, roll…

Apparently, the rug is extra wonderful at the moment, judging from the amount of rolling about Bella is currently doing on it. Maybe it needs vaccuming…. Meanwhile, I’m pounding away at POSSESSION (Greywalker #8). Once again, I seem to have … Continue reading

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Whoops… Extra Dogness

Because I forgot to do the Daily Dog yesterday, I give you an extra long Daily Dog today: Bella and Mr. Kat discuss political debates. (Incidentally for those of you who haven’t seen it, Mr.Kat’s T-Shirt reads “Keep Calm and … Continue reading

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Done and Dog

I’ve finally finished the plot synopsis I was working on so now… the Daily Dog! Bella gazes through the marina railings at the wide blue Sound. Don’t believe that sad look–she’s really not in jail.

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Bits and Bobs

Two quick things before I carry on with work and the Daily Dog. Yes, I did pick up the word “tesseract” from the book A Wrinkle in Time and not from the film The Avengers. I was six or so … Continue reading

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Author on Autopilot…

I’ve been slaving over a hot plot synopsis for the past few days (no, not for the next Greywalker novel). It’s not quite done but I am. My brain is cheese and my eyes are watering and although I can … Continue reading

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Bella Owns It All

“Why, yes… I own, this lap, this table, this sofa…. It’s all mine.” Which might go a short distance toward explaining why I’m getting so little done: the “landlord” keeps pestering me to play with her.

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