Oh Bats!

Bella has a toy bat just in time for Halloween. (as always, click on images for larger sizes.)

Tuffy the bat
This is Tuffy, from MyDogToy.com (Crock Pot shown for scale–and because I’m lazy. Amusingly, the company calls it “Bella the Bat” but we can’t have two Bellas here.) He is a #7 on the rough-tough toy scale….

Bella is very interested in Tuffy…
Bella snatches tuffy in fact, she went and snatched him from his Crock Pot!

And you know what happens to toys around here….
Tuffy tussle


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2 Responses to Oh Bats!

  1. Bella is awesome, seeing your dailydogs has made me consider adopting a pit bull, I’ve not had much exposure to them and never really sought it out as I was attacked as a kid by a pit bull, but Bella has really changed my view on them.

  2. She is a very good dog, in spite of my occasional complaints. Most pits and Staffies are extremely loyal and attached to their people. If properly raised they are easy-going and dog-friendly. Bella ADORES kids and most adults who don’t loom over her or wear hats, but she has problems with other dogs due to bad handling before we got her. It’s unfortunate that so many pits are mistreated by unscrupulous breeders and owners and thus have a bad rep they don’t deserve. They aren’t the perfect dog for everyone: they are stubborn.

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