My Own Personal Grey


Bella’s not quite this bad, but she used to be…. Sometimes I’m very sad I can’t just take Bella everywhere with me as I’d originally intended, but she’s such a good girl and I love her. I wish more people understood that my “bad dog” is a good dog. She’s just not a “dog person.”

Bull in the city

Many moons ago when I envisioned owning a dog I dreamed of taking my fictional dog to offleash parks for endless romps, lots of play-dates and generally a lot of problem and stress free dog-dog interactions. Then I got Jersey and this view abruptly changed. Offleash parks are not a part of my life and I honestly don’t even want to know what goes on in them. Every dog-dog greeting is carefully managed and controlled. I meticulously plan my walking routes based on likelihood of running into other dogs and ability to escape. I completely avoid any areas where offleash dogs congregate (meaning any piece of grass in Toronto)  even if it means I am walking next to roaring traffic.Jersey has made some great strides in her behavior around dogs but it is still a work in progress

I won’t lie my life can be more difficult and complicated because of Jersey’s…

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