Halloween Treats for You!

All right. Ready for Halloween? I am. Because I will be traveling to Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention, I won’t be home to give away treats, however I do have a little something for online visitors….
Halloween Ducks (click photo to enlarge)
I got these small Halloween bath-ducks from a local store (the red devil duck has a pitchfork tucked under his right wing, which you can’t see here, otherwise, they are exactly what they look like) and I’ll sign them and mail them out tomorrow to the first 12 people with US mailing addresses who post a comment here (this blog) and tell me their favorite ghost story, scary moment in a book or movie, or Halloween memory. First twelve get a signed Halloween duck! (I’ll choose the duck, time-stamps will determine who posted when.) Those who post stories after the first 12 will get a signed “Return this book to my minion” book plate. Because of the speed of mail, I can only send ducks to United States postal addresses, but I’ll gladly send a bookplate anywhere.


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20 Responses to Halloween Treats for You!

  1. Rae says:

    I know I won’t get a duck and I do have a book plate already so there is no need to send that, but I just have to say how cute these are and how much fun it would be to share your bath with them! The little vampire ducks are the best.

  2. The scariest moment I’ve had recently, was when I watched the re-make of “The Haunting in Connecticut” alone, by candlelight. It’s the part where the mysterious origin of the thin pieces of “something” is revealed. That singular moment made me jump, for I realized the magnitude of horrific deeds was deeper in scope than I imagined, and that those deeds might have happened in real life.

    Happy Halloween! And congrats on the debut of your newest book baby!

  3. Sandi Loper-Herzog says:

    Favorite Halloween story:
    When we lived in Green Bay, our neighborhood all handed out beers/wine to the parents who escorted the Trick or Treaters. Then at the end we had a huge party at the last house. We were always trashed!
    Btw, some candy and alcohol do NOT mix well!

  4. Mary Alexandra Agner says:

    The man down the street with the sound system who would call out in his deep bass voice as you approached the house for trick or treating. Scared me to tears when I was ten.

  5. Nicci walker says:

    My favorite Halloween memory: the years I got to dress up as Punky Brewster (anyone remember her??) she was the coolest to me back and then and my mom let my sister and I go trick or treating all by ourselves in the apartment complex where we lived. We thought we were so cool!!!

  6. Susan H. says:

    I don’t have a halloween scary story. I remember when we went trick or treating when I was little
    that I always wanted to get to the house that had popcorn balls. I never got one….she was always out when I got there…:( Happy Halloween from John and Susan

  7. Melanie says:

    Favorite Scary Moment. I was helping a friend spruce up her bathroom in our final semester at college. She was writing a term paper. I finally finished up the room and called her in to witness my glorious triumph. The room was small. Very small. It had two doors (into the bedroom and kitchen), a window, toilet, sink and a tub. In addition I had a toolbox and a chair. Finally there was the two of us, neither tiny little women. As we were admiring the light fixture which I had hung successfully AND had gotten wired correctly, a large wolf spider dropped out of the attic door and onto the chair. It landed with a large PHULMPH. I screamed. She screamed. I believe the spider may have screamed. A nano second later all three of us were out of the tiny room, with no recollection of opening either door. I’m pretty sure it is the first (undocumented) live teleportation ever. The spider was never seen again.

  8. Lizzie Henry says:

    Halloween memory:
    When I was little (about 5-7) my cousin’s family used to live at a house with a woods and a big backyard. For a few years, as a family, we’d put on a haunted hayride there for the locals. We all had a bunch of fun. I remember specifically one time that another aunt and uncle of mine dressed up as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and I was their daughter. We danced to spooky music in front of a strobe light. Those were always a lot of fun. 🙂

  9. Dawn Miller says:

    Sorry, got confused. My favorite Halloween story is how we named our cat, who just died in March, Pumpkin. We adopted an abandoned all black kitten. I vowed to let my 3 year old toddler name her. He wanted “Girl”. Just as we arrived home I had a flash of brilliance and showed him our front door decoration. A black cat in a witches hat sitting on a pumpkin. And, so, on our first Halloween in our new home we had a black kitten named Pumpkin. 17 years later and this will be our first Halloween without her.

  10. Saavik Pritchett says:

    My favorite scary moment was when I was laying in bed watching the Messengers on the laptop with the lights off and right when the kids crawls on the ceiling, Ross moved his legs under the blanket so it made a tent. Scared the begeeis out of me! I yelped & woke him up and he had no idea what was going on. We got a good laugh out of it.

    Loving Seawitch too!

  11. Chris Hall says:

    My favorite Halloween memory was when I was a kid in Arizona and the neighbors went all out and had a ton of decorations, all of them were in costume, and the dad would lay back in a coffin and whenever anyone came to the door he would rise up and hiss at them. I really enjoyed the fun they had doing it. I love Halloween!

  12. Colleen (MizBehavin1) says:

    The scariest scene in a movie was The Beast with Five Fingers when the severed hand crawls up the back of the front seat and strangles the driver. I was really young when I saw this, and it still freaks me out.

  13. Steve Cook says:

    Favorite Halloween memory is actually from church, while I was in college. Grew up in the Lutheran church, and one year, Halloween fell on a Sunday. So I put on my mendicant monk habit, left my shoes in the closet, picked up a friend, and went to service. The best part was, since I went barefoot all the time except the cafeteria, my friend didn’t think it odd at all; but there were a lot of whispers when I knelt at the rail for communion, and suddenly the entire church could see that the “monk” was barefoot… (laughing)

  14. You know I would love one. My favorite ghost story is the one that my family tells me about me. I fell out a two story window but didn’t get hurt because, as my sister says (she was 11), “Your face shown white, you smiled at me, and then you when limp.” It’s the reason I’m not paralyzed – so says the doctors because I landed on my shoulder, neck, head.

  15. Oh my goodness! 14 of you already! Rae–yeah, alas no vamp-duck to the UK, but I know I’ll have a chance to catch you next year. So, unless any of the rest of you are outside the US, it looks like the Duck winners are: Monica, Sandi, Mary Alexandra, Nicci, Susan (and John) Melanie, Lizzie, Dawn, Saavik, Chris, Colleen, and Steve. Jen, you’re next if anyone drops out or can’t be shipped to.

    Please send mailing addresses to: kat (.) rchrdsn @ gmail (.) com and I’ll get the ducks in the mail tomorrow so you’ll have them for Halloween!

    And I’ll get bookplates out to those who post later. This has been such fun!

  16. lol, what a great idea 🙂 I got a pack of those ducks from Oriental Trading Co. to give out.

  17. I had considered giving them to the local goblins, but we get pretty much none on Halloween at the marina. So my hubby will just have to eat any candy he picks up for them.

  18. Comments are now closed, since the contest for duckies is now over. Feel free to speak up elsewhere, however.


  19. Latifa says:

    My Halloween story for this year has been craft-y. A friend of mine, Erica, saw these huge, deco-mesh, wild’n’wooly, Halloween wreaths in a craft store. Of course, the price was equally huge. Since she adored them, she decided that it should be easy for us to make them. A few weeks later, we were knee-deep in mesh, wire frames, ribbons, and assorted spiders/pumpkins/skulls/
    witches/webbing/etc. The lady on the YouTube video made it all look so easy, but I had my doubts about how these crazy things were going to turn out. After much squabbling with the mesh to get the “pouf” just right (it’s all about the “pouf”), the wreaths started looking like wreaths. Amazingly, they turned out so much better than I ever could have anticipated. Wish I could post a picture here for you to see the end result; I was truly surprised. In the end, it was also good practice for Erica, who wanted to make something with her step-daughter when she visited during the school break. They ended up giving that wreath to Erica’s grandpa, who supposedly squealed with delight and hung it up right away. (I wasn’t there, so I can’t vouch for the voracity of a grown man squealing with delight.)

    Hope you have a spook-tacular Halloween!

  20. Great story, Latifa. I will put a bookplate in the mail for you.

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