Boaty Badasses and Bella

Two of these serious-grade badasses sporting the company’s initials on the sides came out of the marina today, powered up, goosed their sirens, and scared the almighty yip out of Bella during our morning walk. She jumped, ran, and yanked the Flexi leash right out of my hands as she lept into the water, then ran back and forth on the beach in excitement, diving back into the water several times before the boats had moved off enough for me to recapture her attention, grab the leash, and haul her back to me.

These bastards are *fast* and can sweep in frighteningly close to shore. I’ve seen one of these moored in the marina, but apparently the other is nearby, too. A Coast Guard boat was also on hand, by coincidence or design I’m not sure, standing off a good distance, but apparently observing the whole show. My camera skills are too rusty (and the phone cam is really not up to the job) to catch these growling beasts on pixels for you, but I did see several photographers on the beach, so I suspect photos of the morning maneuvers will be showing up soon. The engine noise has the bass throatiness of a tiger warning you off. Like a lot of high-speed planing hulls, they rise up in the water the faster they go and settle as they slow down. Utterly amazing–and not just a bit intimidating–to watch going through their paces.

And now, Bella is very tired from trying to catch one:



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  1. lol, most dogs are content chasing cars…SuperBella chases boats!

  2. not that she stood even the tiniest chance of catching one….

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