Bella Spies With Her Little Eye… (and some books)

Bella Spies With Her Little Eyes...

Yesterday we went past the salt marsh on our walk and for some reason, Bella’s interest became quite piqued by this:

What Bella Saw

You’d think she’d never seen ducks before–which she has. For some reason they utterly enthralled her. Today when we walked by the same spot, the ducks were gone because Parks and Rec had decided to cut down most of the brush around the outer perimeter of the ponds. I know they’ll be back, but I’m glad I caught the shot while the pond was still picturesquely overgrown.

Last night I also got to go out to my friend Mark’s signing for his new book under his YA pseudonym Daniel Marks–the book is called Velveteen, if you’re interested. The crowd was small but attentive and although I’m told Tuesday’s launch was very well attended and fabulously decorated, I think I’m just as glad to have been there for the smaller event where I could actually see “Danny” and his co-host, author Gretchen McNeil. They were both reading disturbing and scary passages from their new books, and being delightfully funny and nice in between scaring the pants off us. I’m hoping both books do monstrously well for them and looking forward to the time to read. Once I’m done with this evil manuscript of my own.


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