Bits and Bobs

Two quick things before I carry on with work and the Daily Dog.

Yes, I did pick up the word “tesseract” from the book A Wrinkle in Time and not from the film The Avengers. I was six or so and dad read it aloud to my sister and me. This public service message brought to you by Sieve. (reblog if you care to–be sure to link back to Sieve.)

And due to a statement made by Marc MacYoung that political opinions are like penises, I now have the Audio-so-very-not-safe-for-work song Penis Envy by Uncle Bonsai stuck in my head. Here, you can have some too–be sure to wear earbuds or headphones if you’re viewing this in the presence of uptight gits:

And I now return me to my regularly-scheduled panic. Thank you.


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