Thank You, Schlock Mercenary!

So… the wedding and all its functions were great this weekend and Monday. Then I went back to Oakland for one last night before flying home and had to move my bags from the Marriott to the Washington Inn–in which other members of the wedding had stayed quite comfortably–so I anticipated no problems.

I arrived about 8:30 pm, took my bags up to my small but adequate room and tried to use the internet to find a restaurant nearby that was reasonably priced and good. Couldn’t connect, so gave up, tossed my coat on the bed, since it was 80 degrees outside and about the same inside. Walked around at bit and finally ended up at a nice little Italian place that had been open only 2 weeks: Borgo Italia on Washington St. Had a lovely time with the owner and the crew, ate delicious food, had a nice glass of sangiovese and finished up with delightful small pastries before walking back to my hotel about 9:30.

Went upstairs to try the internet again with the hope of wrangling the mail and so on that had been piling up since Monday at 8 am–the last time I’d had Internet access. Couldn’t get it and couldn’t get to my airline check in online. Resorted to using my cell phone. Finally got all that done and went to send the flight info to Mr. Kat. As I talked to him, I looked at the bed to my left and saw small red things crawling on it.

I freaked out. No I don’t know what they were and I didn’t take a photo, but there were five creepy critters in view: one that looked like a large ant, two that were too small to see except as moving red dots, and two big enough to identify as slightly diamond shaped red things with tiny antennae or mandibles on the front. Freak, freak, freak. I got off the phone with Mr. Kat and trotted downstairs in hopes of changing rooms or something. I’d have settled for being told they weren’t bed bugs, but instead the manager quickly moved me to the only remaining room in the hotel: the King-size suite on the next floor up.

I inspected quite carefully this time and found no creepy things, so I stayed, but I did feel quite disturbed all night and slept badly.

Got up about 8:30. Missed out on breakfast–snatched a crumbling slice of blueberry muffin and a small cup of coffee as the staff cleared off 20 minutes early and managed to get online long enough to shoot off some replies to business emails before throwing in the towel and getting a cab rather than try to manage my bags on the BART.

Checked through the ticketing and bag-drop fine, and trundled off to Security. Then discovered I’d forgotten to put my Swiss Army knife–savior of several moment at various wedding functions–into my checked baggage. Security offered to let me leave the security zone and go back to ticketing to get my bag back so I could put the knife in it, but I declined the joy of going through search and X-ray more than once. Oh well: it was an old, cheap knife anyhow. *sigh* And everything in my purse and carryon was now a disorganized mess. It took fifteen minutes and a complete dump-and-replace of the purse to find my WIP thumb drive.

I then had a mediocre sandwich at the airport Chili’s, followed by losing the button off my pants waist in the bathroom. So back to the news stand where I had previously had to wait for a bottle of water while the clerk folded T-shirts with Monkeys on them. Bought a sewing kit of horrible quality and went back to sit in the Women’s bathroom to sew the button back onto my pants. Lost the needle down the toilet which autoflushed it away. Tried to use the safety pin from the sewing kit. It bent and then broke. Rummaged in purse for another safety pin I’d had the night before… couldn’t find it.

However, the Schlock Mercenary lapel pin I’d bought for Bart and forgot to give him was still in the bottom of my purse and is currently holding my waistband closed adequately. And I had a fun ride to the airport with a talkative and amusing cabby, so while the bugs last night, bad sleep, bad breakfast, Security shenanigans, and lost buttons are annoying, I’m at least here, amused by a nice cabby, heading home in a few minutes, and fully dressed thanks to the good folks at Schlock Mercenary!

And the WiFi at the airport is working, so I’ll finish this up and then hope to get some work done on the WIP while I fly home. Bye for now….


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5 Responses to Thank You, Schlock Mercenary!

  1. make sure you google those bugs! and wash everything before letting it back into your boat!

  2. Sadly, I did and they were, in fact, bed bugs. I didn’t see any in the room I was moved to and I’m hoping that the suitcase’s stay in the room for a mere 2 hours was not enough to get a major infestation, but I didn’t bring it on board. I just sorted out the clothes on deck and threw them into plastic bags for the laundry, then emptied out the rest of the non-cloth things and inspected them for any sign of creepies. threw out anything questionable. will throw away suitcase tomorrow, take clothes to laundry, probably drop the leather jacket at the dry cleaners and hope my purse was not infested since I had it with me the whole time. Ewwww! I have no bites or signs of bugs on me or my clothes, so I think I’m OK, but now I have the crawlies….

  3. oh crap! at least you knew and could take precautions. They are becoming a very big problem in hotels in the US.

  4. Susan says:

    Ewwwww is right….we will all be sleeping in our cars instead of hotels if we keep hearing these stories…….

  5. The funny part is that the rest of the wedding party who stayed in that hotel had no problems at all. It’s very much a random thing in this case. I suspect the room was only recently infested. Oddly, every plug-in appliance in the room–lights, clock, coffee maker–were unplugged.

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