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Alan Turing Ought to be on Money

And we’ll settle for starting on monopoly money, although there is a petition afoot in Britain to put him on the ₤10 note. But while we wait, you can still learn about the father of modern computers, codebreaker–and famously persecuted … Continue reading

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Stuff on My Dog 1

Today I have walked a lot since my car is in the shop. Now I’m very tired and so is Bella, even though she didn’t go with me to pick up prescriptions and stop at the bank. I think it … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Dog

Well, I was going to post a Daily Dog, but this cartoon from The Oatmeal is just too good. So My Dog: The Paradox is today’s Daily dog. In the meantime, however, I’m working on my workshop materials for Friday’s … Continue reading

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Poor, Tired Doggy….

Today we went out and about looking for a piece of land on which we might, someday, build a house. We took the dog along, but it was a very stressful trip for her. Usually she’s very good in the … Continue reading

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Innocent Bella….

“What? Who? Me?” Bella tries to look innocent in the pilothouse when we all know she really wants to go out and bark at the workmen on the boat next door while Mr. Kat is on a conference call. Since … Continue reading

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Event Update and Daily Dog

My “Writing Better Villains” workshop at Foolscap will on Friday, Sept. 21, from 1 pm to 2:30 pm in Salon 4. That’s right after lunch, so no post-prandial snoozing, please. And today Bella and I went up to our friends’ … Continue reading

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Hey, I’ve got (most of) my schedule for Foolscap: Villains Workshop Salon 4, Friday Time TBA Cooperation vs. Competition: Gender-Driven Stories Salon 3, Fri, 4:00-5:00 PM Competition is seen as masculine; cooperation, as feminine. And yet, both genders engage in … Continue reading

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Bella Dune

While the weather is still nice here in Seattle, we all know it soon won’t be–Autumn is coming and with it the rain, wind, and mud that make playing outside less-attractive. So today’s Daily Dog is saying goodbye to the … Continue reading

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Seattle Wrote

My interview with Seattle Wrote is up! Very nice, if I say so myself!

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Dogs of 9/11

No Daily Dog photo today, just a link to the American Thinker article on The Dogs of 9/11 (partisan politics not the issue, just a good article).

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It’s All About the Socks

Bella has a strange affection for socks–especially the striped one she stole off a stuffed toy elk. Not just the usual “oh, look, a sock to chew on,” thing, but “I think I’ll wear this and look like Alf.” Notice … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Dog

Today’s Daily Dog is very tired….

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