Sunday Stuff, Weddings, Dogs…

I’m still out of town and I have 3 hours to get ready for my step-sister’s wedding–which is probably not enough considering what a klutz I am with my hair–so, naturally I’m sitting here sorting photos of the dog. But I did manage to find a recent one, so here, for your Sunday pleasure, is the daily dog: Bella on the marina lawn.

Free on the leash

Maybe I’d better do something about this hair now and then I can write a bit while it dries….


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2 Responses to Sunday Stuff, Weddings, Dogs…

  1. She’s awesome — and she knows it! Hope your mom-news turns out ok.

  2. well, it appears you have your priorities right…dog pic then wedding hair.. 🙂 Hope it went well and they both said “I do”

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