Alan Turing Ought to be on Money

And we’ll settle for starting on monopoly money, although there is a petition afoot in Britain to put him on the ₤10 note. But while we wait, you can still learn about the father of modern computers, codebreaker–and famously persecuted gay mathematician who quietly helped save the world during WWII–with this nifty special edition of Monopoly based on the version Turing played at Bletchly with the son of his mentor, Max Newman:Turing Monopoly
Proceeds will go to continue preservation of Bletchly Park–the English stately home that became the center of cryptanalysis and the effort to break ULTRA–where Turning worked during the war. (A “Turing Musuem” would be nice….)

And for your continued viewing pleasure, it’s Daily Dog time!
Bella is playing “get the treat” with Mr. Kat–just out of shot.


Oh, look: a treat!

Looky 2

Oh, oh! Treat is moving! Get the treat!


I seez it!

Got It!

Gots it! Nom!


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