Stuff on My Dog 1

Today I have walked a lot since my car is in the shop. Now I’m very tired and so is Bella, even though she didn’t go with me to pick up prescriptions and stop at the bank. I think it is sympathy-tiredness. She is, however, cute when she lets us put the “Wiley” on her head.

Bella Wears Wiley

We have no idea why a ball with legs is called “Wiley” but Bella loves it.

And now, back to workshop materials and trying to get Greywalker #8 moving along.


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5 Responses to Stuff on My Dog 1

  1. SharonS says:

    So many cute pics of Bella. You will have to pick one for a Christmas card 🙂

  2. Rae says:

    That is a good idea Sharon! Bella is definitely cute.

  3. Dale Stroble says:

    So Kat, were you thinking in Italian when you named her or of some person?

  4. She’s a rescue dog and that’s the name she came with. We call her “Bella-dogga Sniffington–of the Seattle Sniffingtons” when we feel very snooty.

  5. I keep hoping to get her into a santa hat or reindeer horns like Max in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but she mostly won’t sit still for such shenanigans.

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