Back from WorldCon and a Daily Dog

I made it! I met all sorts of wonderful new people in Chicago–including a cool comic book artist, lots of writers, editors, agents, fans, publishers, musicians, and some famous people I’ve always been in awe of. And of course I got to hang out with many friends I rarely get to see otherwise as well as some I see often and can’t get enough of. I also got to have a lovely dinner with my “long-lost cousin” Kristin, who’s a U of I history professor (today is her tenure review*, so I have my fingers crossed for her). Although I didn’t do a lot and saw a lot less of the city than I wanted, it was a great trip. I especially appreciated the warmth of old friends John Scalzi, Laura Anne Gilman, and Mary Robinette Kowal, who made me feel like one of “the cool kids.”

But there is nothing like coming home and although I lost my voice in Chicago (if anyone finds it, please extract if from whatever barstool it rolled under and send it back) Bella was still super-excited to see me when I got home. Just look at that face:

Pointy-Eared Bella

“Mommy’s Home!”

I also found a very nice late-anniversary present from Mr. Kat on my desk. I’m so lucky! (smooches for Mr. Kat!)

*Kristin left a text message this afternoon saying her tenure was granted: Congratulations, Cousin Kristin!


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