Dog Day

So, for the Daily Dog, Mr. Kat and I took Bella up to our friends’ house for a training session and also, just because Mr. Kat had never gone to what I think of as “Blain Explains it All to Bella”. Bella showed massive improvement and was even able to lie in the grass within biting distance of another dog without acting like a harridan. She wasn’t perfect, but that’s not the goal. Being able to hang out with any other dogs is. She had to stay on a leash and be reminded a lot, but it’s such a difference from the previous sessions. Sadly, progress will probably slower now that we’ve jumped some of the big hurdles. But I’ll take what I can get.

As usual, I forgot to take photos, but I do have one from last night of Bella and her new toy Wiley the Bee. Or as I call this photo, “Bellathulhu: evidence of Elder doGs.”

Bella Bee


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  1. She is just too cute for words!

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