Water Feature

It’s kind of strange living on the water, sometimes. Things move, they smell, they come and go, it’s humid all the time, and there are a lot of critters around you never see anywhere else: crabs, seastars, jellies, tiny fish.

One animal who’s around all the time is Bella, who had her own special “water feature” today and got a bath (sadly, no photos, since I have to keep both hands on her at all times and I was doing the bathing solo today.) She doesn’t particularly like the bath part of the experience, but for some reason, she loves to go to the dog bath place. She strains at the leash and is very excited to get into the building, even though she then fusses, growls, barks, and whines at all the other dogs–if there are any. I try to take her to the dog wash only in the mornings when they are not very busy–usually. This reduces the chances that there will be a dog there to whom Bella will take exception. Usually this means a large dog or a barky dog. Today it was a rather adorable Maltese who was, sadly for us all, quite barky.

Bella takes this sort of thing as an insult and immediately starts straining, growling, and misbehaving. Lucky for me I’d already finished bathing Miss Troublemaker and was only trying to give the owner money for the use of her tub, water, shampoo, and ear cleaning supplies. No amount of telling Bella to “sit” and “calm” were entirely effective. If the Maltese has stopped barking, Bella would have gone back to ignoring or at least only staring at her, but, no. Once started, the fluffy little white dog was apparently incapable of stopping. It’s a dog thing.

Unfortunately Bella is also a Dog-Thing and in this case, a Pain-in-the-Ass-Dog-Thing. But we managed to get out of the building and back into the car without any altercations, though I felt putting up with Princess Growlenstein deserved a large tip, even though I’d done the bathing, just so they’d let us come back some time in the future… when Bella has once again transformed herself into Stinkerella.

And now: your daily dog. Bella at another water feature….
Bella at the Water Feature


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3 Responses to Water Feature

  1. Rae says:

    I feel as though the comment should be … “Madam, Madam …” *g*. Not quite Lyme Regis, but similar.

  2. SharonS says:

    Lol, I like those dog washing places. In Bella’s defense, the Maltese started it.

  3. We only have cold water at the marina, which Bella hates. So we go to Rub-a-Dub Dog and use their nice ceramic tubs and warm water from the hand-held wash heads. And I don’t have to wash up the towels, either!

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