SEAWITCH Proofs and Killer Headaches

I’m 83.86% done with the proof of SEAWITCH and have to stop. I’ve been working against a creeping sinus headache all day, so I’ve only managed to proof 80 pages since 10:30 this morning. 56 left to go. Have to leave that to tomorrow.

Barometric pressure has been bouncing up and down for the past 2 weeks and being a person who suffers from “weather sinus,” it’s been hard to concentrate. Today was actually the worst for me since none of my usual tricks to nip the headache in the bud worked. That sucks when I’ve been staring at pages on a tiny desk through cheap reading glasses in fluctuating light through the deck hatch above for 8 hours and hoping to get this project done today so I can be a slug on the weekend like a person with a regular job. This is the most annoying aspect of being a self-employed person: you work until the job is done and if that means working nights and weekends, traveling on your own dime, and managing with less than ideal conditions or working when you’re sick, that’s just what you do.

As more people become self-employed due to the changing nature of the economic landscape and decreasing stability in traditional job structures, more and more of us will have these challenges to manage. For now, it’s mostly crazy people like me.

I hope this headache gives up by Saturday morning.


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