All About the Ferrets

I’m sure a lot of you know I’m a fan of ferrets and a supporter of Ferret Legalization in California (my home state and one of only 2 states in the US where ferrets are illegal as pets.) So, of course I think this little film project is delightful.

Yeah, it’s goofy and low-rent, but no matter how silly it sounds, there is an actual political issue over this in California. Why ferrets are illegal, even the California Department of Fish and Game can’t really say–they can’t seem to find a reason and they recently admitted that they “have no jurisdiction over domestic pets”–but it’s still true. I believe education is the best cure for confusion and there seems to be a lot of that about this issue, so maybe this film can help. And maybe you can too. Give it a look and see what you think.

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7 Responses to All About the Ferrets

  1. Cyndy Otty says:

    Of all the stupid laws, this one is pretty high on the list.

  2. sharonstogner says:

    aw, that was a cute video! I had no idea ferrets were illegal in CA, wow.

  3. Rae says:

    It makes me want to rush out a get a ferret!

  4. The irony that they are making the film in Vancouver BC is not lost on me. And those ferrets are an infectiously cute bunch!

  5. thanks Kat! appreciate your support!

  6. also I wanted to let you know, since you are in Seattle, that my last ferret movie “Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale” (a short film) is playing at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival on May 11 at the Grand Illusion Cinema. Tickets are $8 and it plays with one other film called East of Nowhere. Tickets are available at and info about Jake & Jasper is available at

  7. Thanks Alison. I’ll let the Seattle ferret folks know.

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