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Further updates on the Asus Transformer Prime. Asus pushed a firmware update down the pipe (it reached me on Monday) which caused a small glitch to develop in my tablet. Until this afternoon, the tablet would occasionally “sleep” so deeply it wouldn’t re-start and had to be poked with a pin in the “reset” hole. A tour of several fora led to the consensus that the only fix available right now was to back up everything, and then go into the Settings menu and “reset to Factory Settings” which blows everything away. Once that’s done, reload from the backup and Robert is Your Mother’s Brother.

Sadly, I had not backed things up correctly and had to restart from scratch, and lost free games that came with the GameStop purchase-preload. Small price to pay and not unbearable. BUT, I had preloaded a trial version of Office Pro5 and was getting along with it all right, so I went to reload it… and the full version of Office Pro5+ (including the PDF complier) was on sale for $2.99. SCORE! Mine!

Thus far the device is operating like a dream and I haven’t seen another start-up/sleep glitch, but I’ll be able to know more tomorrow when the tablet has had a chance to sit all night in “sleep” mode. I assume any new firmware update will address this, since it’s common enough to have its own thread on several online communities.

On a related, sad note, Mr. Kat dropped his and shattered the front plate. Things Are Not Happy in Mr. Katland.


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