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Indication of how out of touch I’ve been: I only just found out Westercon will be in Seattle this year. So I signed up, but July’s a busy month for me what with the paperback release July 3 and Comic con and PNWA later the same month. Gotta make up for last year’s total lack of showing up.

Also, note that I’ve updated my event listing with new conventions, but some of the info is still scant, so I’ll be adding more as it comes in. You can track that on the Tour page on my site or on the calendar here on the blog.


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  1. Ms M says:

    Just read “To Market, To Market for class with Nicole Peeler. Thank you for that advice.
    The best and most comforting advice I’ve read over four blogs.
    I especially benefited from: “Even if you have a “niche” book that will practically sell itself to a specialized audience, … you still need to reach them. If you have a book with potentially wide appeal, you not only have to reach as much as that audience as you can, you have to compete for their attention and money. Marketing is the first step in reaching that goal.”
    I consider mine a niche market – baby boomer women. So I know I must find ways to approach them, means they use.
    I also liked:
    “Marketing is the action that reaches out to define markets and then to those markets and segments of same to say “Hey, here’s something really nifty for you (and your customers) that you really want and here’s why: [insert why]”
    Thanks so much. M.

  2. I’m glad it was helpful. The marketing aspect is not a lot of fun, but it’s unfortunately necessary these days, since even the largest publishers have less and less money to spend on getting your book out there. Best of luck with your book!

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  3. I’m glad it was useful. Nicole’s a great teacher and I’m always pleased if I can help her students, too.

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