My Own Personal Grey

The Current State of the Kat….


I’m slightly drunk and very tired…. I should be working, but am thinking: “I could take an antihistamine and go to bed… yeah….” And I am feeling a bit strange about the things I’m writing…. This is going to be one weird mo-fo book…. I currently have shapeshifting otters plotting an attack on evil merfolk and the small problem of the 137 ghosts of a historic shipwreck wanting some pay-back.

The noise of the finally-functional boiler is LOUD and foreign and I have “mommy ears,” which cause me to wake up instantly at any unfamiliar sound in my boat, so last night was not restful. It was warm however. I need to re-make the bed to reflect the warmer state of the cabin, since we pretty much don’t need the electric blanket or the extra layer, now (what a *ridiculous* problem to have.) The floors are warm and, for the first time since I started living on a boat thirteen years ago, I am not waking up feeling cold, clammy, or cramped. Soon the last of the dust in the vents and the moisture in the under-deck will be gone and I may actually stop having sinus-triggered migraines every time the barometric pressure changes or the allergens spike.

Thank you Penguin, for paying me for more books so I could afford to pay the shipwright/carpenter/systems dude who came and made it work. Not cheap, but SOooooo worth it.

Now we just need to get the shower sump fixed, update the 12-volt system, and do a LOT of wood, varnish, deck, and cosmetic work and our 55-year-old classic will be up to snuff.

When our friends tease us about how a “boat is only a wood-lined hole in the water in which to pour money,” I think of their houses and condos and think “but when I hate my neighbors… I take my home AND LEAVE.” Whenever I think I don’t like living on a boat I just think of this.

Now, if I could just reclaim my friends who’ve wandered away during my distraction and depression, and get my mom squared away…..